Wrinkles Treatment By Ageless Clear Skin Clinic

Wrinkles is a very common problem associated with aging. Dermatologists call this condition rhytides. It arises due to a natural degradation of ones collagen and elastin within the skin that provides the natural elastic and resilient nature which once when you were young gave a youthful face.

Wrinkles can be caused due to many reasons, the most common of which are the following
  1. Excessive Sun exposure

Sunlight contains lethal ultraviolet radiation which has a very damaging effect long term on the skin as it’s destroys the integral structures that maintain the smooth skin. That is one reason why wrinkles are most evident on the exposed regions of the body

  1. Smoking

This does not need much explaining. We know that smoking destroys every fiber of your body, not just your skin. No matter how fashionable or  mainstream your “friends” talk about smoking, listen to your doctor and stay away from this bomb.

  1. Aging

As we age, it cant be helped, parts stop working the way we wished it did earlier. Our vision becomes difficult for focusing on near objects, joints start hurting, slower body movements.. the skin is not immune from these changes as well.

There are few things to follow if you want to avoid avoid wrinkles, a few of which you may find achievable:
  1. Regular daytime three hourly sun screening
  2. Moisturizing
  3. Always were sunglasses as this will reduce the squinting there by the formations of crows feet around the eyes
  4. A healthy diet
  5. Dermatological procedures such as Radiofrequency microneedling and fractional resurfacing can induce formation of healthy new resilient skin (further expansion under services provided)