Acne Removal By Ageless Clear Skin Clinic

Treatment of Acne

Acne through medications can be controlled through various means based on its grade which is either inflammatory or non inflammatory

Non Inflammatory acne requires only topical treatment with

1 mild exfoliating agents containing alpha hydroxy acids contains glycolic acids
and salicylic acid such as face washes.
2 benzylperoxide, a compound that destroys the bacteria lurking in the glands.
3 Topical retinoids – prescription only topicals that act by stopping the
comedone formation preemptively controlling the acne.

For inflammatory variety

This variety of acne is more frustrating to treat for the consultant and patient. The various methods that can be used to control the acne include

1 Antibiotics – antibiotics destroy the resident bacteria residing in the sebaceous glands causing the acne, thereby controlling the inflammation.
2 Oral retinoids – these are prescription only medications that require a complete work up of the patient before prescribing due to unforeseen side effects. Acts at the very molecular level of the tissue, these drugs show its results for very severer acne with a course of not more than six months, however it can cause scarring, liver enzyme elevation and raised cholesterol levels to name a few. However, the benefits outweigh the risk in the long run.
3 Oral contraceptives – these are reserved for women who suffer from hormonal imbalances due to underlying PCOD (polycyclic ovarian disease), which require careful monitoring with a gynecologist besides a dermatologist.

How to prevent recurrent acne

1  Diet: avoid dairy products including milk, refined sugars (including refined rice), deep fried foods and chicken. Unbeknown to most, the chicken is loaded with unwanted growth hormones and steroids, one of the major causes for adult acne seen today (price one has to pay to eat the most in demand meat).
2  Regular cleansing: if prone to oily skin, it is advised to use regular facewash containing glycolic acid or salicylic acid to reduce the oil and blocked pores
3  A healthy wholesome organic meal that will guarantee a healthy youthful you

The effect of Endymed Pro with PRP

The combination of endymed (radiofrequency microneedling) with platelet rich plasma (PRP) induces the ultimate way of controlling the most treatment resistant form of acne by destroying the sebaceous glands

For further information and options available to control the acne and those with breakouts, book an appointment to know more holistic and effective methods to treat.