About Us

Ageless Clear Skin HSR Layout, Bangalore

Ageless Clear Skin Clinic aims to provide the best possible cost effective Health Care to people with ultramodern techniques and equipments.

The Ageless Clear Skin Clinic is the brainchild of Dr. Joe Thomas, MD Dermatology, an Aesthetic Specialist well versed and up to date with the new frontiers of achieving right medicine and treatment for that eternally youthful you.

Armed with one of only three machines in the whole of Bangalore, the Endymed Pro, a powerful, safe, effective and painless device that guarantees results with just three monthly sittings as shown in clinical photos below. The principle of the machine is based on the theory that injuries made at the microscopic level induces the release of body’s natural healing growth factors thus resulting in complete reconstruction and leveling of a guttered and scared skin giving you that supple soft youthful look.

Dr. Joe Thomas has also gone in depth into understanding the reasons and importance to approach life holistically to achieve not only that glowing skin we all desire

The Ageless Clear Skin Clinic is a creation of Dr Joe Thomas, MD Dermatology, with the sole objective of reaching the eternally youthful person you desire to be.
The clinic provides treatment for some of the most common aesthetic issues such as acne or pimples, excess unsightly body hair, warts, moles, wrinkles, skin tags, hair fall, aging skin and more.
The clinic is fitted with one of the finest machines, the Endymed Pro radiofrequency microneedling and resurfacing device one of only three that exist in in Bangalore today, using the principle of inducing the body’s ability to release its own healing factors and repair the damaged skin.
Please visit the Ageless Clear Skin Clinic and have your queries and concerns cleared with Dr Joe Thomas and come out a new you!!!